Replacement Stone Services in Cardiff

For commercial and domestic purposes

Do you need replacement bath stone?

We can supply replacement bath stone for your property if stone cleaning and restoration are not possible. We can also recreate and/or match original carvings.

Our stone supplies services

  • Stone Replacement
  • Carving recreated

Has your stone building seen better days?

Over time, problems such as dirt and moss can come to damage stone building materials, affecting both the aesthetic appeal of your building and, potentially, wearing away at the stone itself.

As specialist stone cleaners, we will approach your stone with care and attention; these materials can be very delicate, so it is absolutely vital to ensure that any cleaning and restoration work you need is carried out with a gentle touch.

Covering all Aspects of Stone Cleaning Throughout South Wales

Cardiff Stone Masonry offer a comprehensive choice of stone cleaning services, to bring your building back to life no matter what condition it’s in.

This includes removal of substances such as dirt, moss, mould, paint and even graffiti – and we can work on the interior as well as the exterior of your building.

Does Your Property Require Stone Repair and Restoration Services?

If cleaning isn’t going to be enough to get your stonework back to its former condition, we can also provide expert repair and restoration services, using the best materials and techniques for your individual stone.

You may be facing natural erosion from the weather or damage from work that has been carried out on the building in the past, but even well maintained stone will gradually wear away over time. By bringing in specialists who can evaluate the needs of your building, we deliver a service that’s as individual as the stone itself.

Experienced Stone Masons

The Cardiff Stone Masonry team is made up of experienced stone masons who can work with traditional and contemporary techniques to ensure that the best service is executed.

Our highest priority is preserving the natural beauty of your stonework, and limiting the impact of any work that we carry out so that you can continue enjoying it for years to come.

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