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 Stone Cleaning, Restoration & Repair.

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For replacement bath stone and stone carving,
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For replacement bath stone and stone carving, contact us today.

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Stone Cleaning, Restoration and Repair

Cardiff Stone Masonry brings together a team of experienced stone masons to work on restoring, cleaning, repairing and even replacing your stone and brickwork. We focus on bringing your commercial or domestic property back to its former condition, and really showing off the natural look of your brick or stone.

Cleaning & Restoration

Is your stonework starting to look a little tired? Whether it’s covered with dirt, other substances, or even beginning to erode, we will bring specialists who can clean and restore it with care.

Discuss your concerns with us today, and we’ll talk you through the options that are available, the service we provide and the results that you can expect when we’re finished!

Brickwork Services

Eventually, all brickwork will need cleaning or repointing as environmental conditions start to take their toll. Instead of leaving it to gather more dirt, you can call our team and let us know exactly how we can clean up your building.

With specialist cleaning techniques designed to protect your brickwork from any further damage, we concentrate on making sure your building is a space that you can be proud of.

Replacement Stone

If your stonework needs more than cleaning or restoration, we can also provide replacement bath stone and stone carvings to match your existing interior or exterior.

We will recreate or match any carvings that you already have on your property to ensure that any replacement stone you order gives excellent finished results.

For more information about any of our services, please get in touch today; a friendly member of the Cardiff Stone Masonry team will be more than happy to find out more about your requirements and talk you through the available options.

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